Better briefs mean better campaigns.

Learn how we fixed the campaign briefing process for the #1 brand in safety technology.

Britax is the #1 brand in safety technology.

Chances are, one of your kids has been in a Britax car seat.

Michelle Wee is the Marketing Director @ Britax in Australia.

Like many marketers, Michelle’s challenge is to educate consumers on the value of Britax products. She explains:

“You can have the best product in the world, but if consumers don’t understand it, and don’t know why they need it, they won’t buy it.”

This means Britax’s marketing strategy is based on 3 factors:

  • Creating brand advocates

  • Educating its audience on the importance of safety

  • Showcasing Britax’s market-leading safety technology & products

But Michelle & her team faced a major challenge.

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The Operational Challenge: getting clear on workflow

Michelle explains the hurdles of managing a wide range of requests from different departments, saying:

"The biggest challenge was the briefing process. We would get an email, with an Excel spreadsheet filled out. Half the time information was missing."

Unnecessary admin time keeping up with requests shifted the team’s focus away from core work.

Michelle & her team identified the need for a Project Management tool to streamline & standardise the process while reclaiming time for higher-value activity.

Our Solution: More than a PM tool.

We led Britax through their implementation, tailoring the solution to fit their specific requirements.

We completed a full business process mapping exercise to understand the current state & ideal future state for their workflows.

This customised approach ensured that Britax could maximise the benefits of for their marketing operations.

We delivered an all-in-one marketing solution to manage:

  • high-level marketing workflows

  • campaign briefs

  • projects

  • BAU work.

Now everything is fully automated. It’s seamless & the follow-up is easy.

Michelle Wee, Marketing Director @ Britax

The Result? More satisfied customers.

Britax’s adoption of translated into tangible benefits for their customers, particularly their retail partners.

With a new-found efficiency and clarity, Britax could respond to requests more quickly to deliver requirements for customers. became the central hub for coordinating marketing efforts.

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