Driving innovation for McDonald's

Learn how we're helping McDonald's create $680,376 in efficiencies this year.

McDonald’s is one of the world’s most innovative companies.

Staff across all departments are encouraged to share new ideas.

But decisions at McDonald’s impact hundreds of thousands of employees, suppliers, and customers daily.

So they need a cohesive decision-making process that considers all the angles.

We worked with McDonald’s to digitise & streamline their Business Case briefing & approval process, powered by monday.com.

What were the results?

Our solution in numbers:

  • 500+ Business Cases submitted annually

  • 615% Project ROI

  • $680,376 annual value in efficiencies

  • 1,224 hours saved per month in the Business Case briefing process

  • 20,075 unnecessary emails not sent per year

  • Proof of Concept delivered within 30 days

We delivered:

  • A uniform process for functional departments to prepare business cases for senior leaders

  • Visibility on business case status for all departments

  • Transparency on the rationale of approvals/rejections

  • A single source of truth for all stakeholders

The solution was showcased to McDonald’s Global operations team as an example of best practice.

What did McDonald’s say?

“The solution delivered by Work Perfect helps us make collaborative, data-driven decisions faster and more efficiently.

We can now gather input from all our key stakeholders while maintaining the momentum we need to run our business effectively.”

Vaness Magess, McDonald’s Australia National Director of Franchising & Process

How does it work?

When a McDonald’s employee has a new idea for a product, process, marketing campaign or anything else, they need to submit a Business Case.

To start this process, they enter key information about the idea into a monday form.

Using monday automations, the brief is categorised & triggers notifications to the relevant people to continue the process.

monday automates the feedback & approval process to key users through all 12 steps, across multiple departments.

Every team that’s impacted by the idea gets the opportunity to provide feedback or add information to support the business case.

Once everyone has provided input, the process owner clicks a button in monday to generate a templated PDF of the final business case.

Our automations collate all the required information into this PDF for senior executives to make a final decision at the next executive meeting.

The PDF is familiar & more user friendly for stakeholders who don’t use monday (including suppliers & senior executives).

Once a decision has been made, or if more information is required, monday.com provides visibility to everyone involved on:

  • Next steps

  • Rationale

  • Further info required

This means that decisions can be actioned faster & everyone has the detail they need to get started.

You do all this with monday.com!?

We use two tools to Power-Up monday and deliver this solution:

Make (formerly known as Integromat) is a middleware tool that uses API integrations & webhooks to connect various applications and automate workflows.

PandaDoc is a document automation software that streamlines document creation, delivery, and tracking processes.

Our solution takes and organises data from monday.com into McDonald’s standardised briefing template using these three platforms.

How can I learn more?

Read the Full Case Study on our website.

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