The Diamond - Edition 3

1 gnarly customer quote, how to wipe-out emails & GOLD for Australia (kinda)

Inside this edition of The Diamond:

  • Getting too many monday emails? The quick fix for Admins & Users

  • Customer quote of the week - no more Pivot tables 🤙

  • PDF-ing game-changer: export Gantt charts to PDF in monday

  • Work Perfect is APAC’s first Gold MAKE partner - why you care

  • AI Cover art: Saturday night swells 🌊🏄

monday Admins: set account-level email preferences!

When your user/s complain about too many monday emails, do you:

A. Set up different email notification settings for every single user you add to monday?

B. Instruct users to go and change the settings themselves, Or

C. Tell them to ignore monday emails?

Now, you can set email notification defaults for your account, so new users will be created with these defaults.

Go to your Avatar > Administration > Customisation > User Notifications

PS - existing user settings won’t be changed. Winning!

We can’t all be admins. Everyday users, do this:

  1. Log in to monday

  2. Click on your avatar (bottom left of screen)

  3. Click 'My Profile'

  4. Select 'Notifications'

  5. Click 'Email Notifications'

  6. Select the options you wish to be notified for

Big thanks to our Customer Success Manager Daniel Jennings for this tip.

Customer quote of the week

I was running some pivot tables last Saturday night and I'm like, this is not fun, I should be out surfing and not running pivot tables.

Frustrated surfer - Northern Beaches

Luckily, this customer (from a major payments platform) is kicking off a monday transformation project with us. Soon pivot tables will be a distant memory…

Project Managers rejoice: Gantt to PDF is here

If you know projects, you know Gantt charts.

In the latest product update, monday launched the Gantt to PDF export function.

Now you can easily export your schedules & share them with non-monday users. Also great for printing to have your plans onsite when you need them.

Here’s how to go from Gantt to great (just go to any Gantt view on your boards):

Open any Gantt view on your board, then follow these steps.

We’re a Gold partner of Make (& why you care)

We love Make.

And if you’ve ever worked with us, there’s a 99% chance you love Make too (but you might not know it).

Make is the secret ingredient we use to Power Up your monday boards & workflows.

Our business process Ninjas use Make to integrate monday with all the platforms you love. For you, this cuts costs, saves time & drives efficiency.

There are only 4 Gold partners globally & we’re the only one in APAC, so it’s kind of a big deal.

If you use monday & can't quite get that dream integration up and running, get in touch with Libin Ruan on LinkedIn. She’s one of our Make Blackbelts.

We’re pretty sure she could integrate with a toaster if she really wanted to.

This edition’s Cover Art

“Saturday night swells”

Saturday night swells

MidJourney AI Prompt: a female office worker stares intently at her computer screen, looking at a detailed spreadsheet. She is floating on a surfboard in the middle of the ocean with the crest of a wave rising up in the background. The sun is setting.

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