Tyro: Powering the future of payments

Tyro Customer Success Story

Tyro: Powering the future of payments

Tyro is Australia’s largest EFTPOS provider outside the big four banks.

You’ve definitely tapped your bank card on a Tyro terminal at one of over 68,000 Aussie businesses.

Despite being an ASX100-listed company, Tyro has never forgotten its FinTech heritage. This agility is key to Tyro’s continued growth.

In this video, Tyro Chief Technology Officer Paul Keen explains how Tyro maintains speed of delivery at scale.

Our custom monday solutions deliver real business value

Our custom monday.com <> Jira integration delivered tangible outcomes for Tyro including:

  • Visibility on all activity across Tech & Product teams

  • Strategic conversations at Board level

  • Quantified value of R&D effort

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