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Is there value trapped inside your business?

Most organisations have value & profits locked inside inefficient processes. Do you?

‘Do more with less’ could be my favourite business buzzword from 2023.

It’s true, we’re in a challenging macroeconomic environment.

But for many organisations, profits, efficiency & employee satisfaction could all be improved by simply reviewing & improving ways of working.

This newsletter is a summary of my recent interview for ITNews. You can watch the full interview here.

Most businesses haven’t adapted their processes to modern tools & ways of working

Since remote work became the norm overnight in 2020, many businesses have implemented new tools and adopted new ways of working.

But their processes haven’t been re-engineered to suit these modern ways of working.

We’ve worked with many large companies to help them unlock profits they’ve been unable to realise because of inefficient processes.

Improving processes is about more than lost time.

The first-order impact of inefficient processes is lost time.

But this lost time flows on to second-order impacts; hindering innovation & often reducing employee satisfaction.

No amount of clever budgeting or funding can buy more time. When companies have more time, they can do things that were previously thought impossible.

We explore ‘The Art of the Possible’ with customers to unlock value.

We run ‘Art of the Possible’ workshops to identify where profits reside but are held captive by inefficient processes.

First, we aim to understand your goals for the business. What are you trying to achieve?

Second, we map out your ‘As Is’ processes. We ask questions to understand:

  • How are you doing things right now?

  • Why are you doing it in this particular manner?

We often find processes that align with a previous way of working. The process has remained the same because the tool is the same.

But often, it’s not the most efficient way of getting to the required outcome.

Once we’ve mapped out your processes end-to-end, the inefficiencies & areas for improvement become crystal clear.

Then we work with you to define the ‘To Be’ process - how things work in the ideal future state.

Through this process, we’ve helped some of Australia’s most innovative businesses to improve their ways of working.

87.8% of McDonald’s employees preferred a new, more efficient process implemented by Work Perfect.

For example, we helped McDonald’s react with greater agility to new opportunities and changing market conditions.

They now save over 1,200 hours per month on their business case briefing process. This equates to $680,376 annual value in efficiencies.

When we started working with McDonald’s, they had a briefing process that was well governed and clearly defined.

But the tools they were using weren’t in line with the modern ways of working. This impacted McDonald’s ability to implement new product ideas quickly.

We worked closely with the Business Operations team at McDonald’s to map, redefine & implement the new process.

We built a custom solution using monday.com as the core platform that collates underlying data from Brief Leads & Project Managers. 

Almost 90% of employees preferred the new process. Project payback was realised in just three months and we eliminated over 20,000 needless internal emails.

The new process allows McDonald’s to consider & approve ideas faster. This means new products, like Cheesy Jalapeno Pops (!), are coming to market faster than ever before.

We were delighted to win a CRN Impact Award for this work.

You can read the full McDonald’s Case Study here.

Look within to unlock value in tough times

The business world is tough right now. The pandemic changed how people think about work, money is tight, and technology keeps evolving. To succeed, businesses need to find all the value they can.

We help businesses find hidden profits in their processes.

This helps you innovate, keeps your teams engaged & enables you to react faster to new opportunities.

Get in touch if you’d like to explore the Art of the Possible.

I’d love to hear more about your business.

Sha B

Managing Director